"Show Me the Image!" is a Greasemonkey script to "fix" the display of oddly-named images uploaded to the lulz.net imageboards.

Download/install (version 0.1, 29 Dec 2011)

If you are using Firefox, you will need the Greasemonkey extension installed first; users of Chrome and possibly other web browsers will be able to use it as-is. Just click the link above and reload any lulz.net pages and it should take effect.

A brief explanation of what this is all about: the imageboards on lulz.net retain the filename of images uploaded by users. However, if someone uploads, for example, a PNG image named foo.tmp (instead of foo.png), the lulz.net server will serve the file with a Content-Type of application/octet-stream. With Firefox and other web browsers, this causes you to be prompted to save the file somewhere, instead of the image being displayed. Some people find this annoying, so SMtI! causes such images to be displayed somewhat like regular images. It's not perfect, but it's a bit limited by what the Greasemonkey framework can do, and is hopefully good enough.