Wakaba Animated PCH Support

Wakaba has support for the Shi Painter oekaki software, but does not currently have built-in support for generating the animated PCH files, which let you sorta see how the image was created. This is a patch that adds support for generating and viewing PCH files.


Download this patch. Apply it to the Wakaba source by running patch -p1 < wakaba-pch_3.0.8_g5496c4cb.patch (or run gpatch or whatever) while in the same directory as wakaba.pl. Then copy all of the files in extras/oekaki/* into the current directory (the patch modifies the files in extras/oekaki/, so you need to copy them again if you've already done it before). Modify oekaki_config.pl to your needs, and keep in mind this patch adds three directives that are commented in that file (OEKAKI_ENABLE_ANIM, OEKAKI_ANIM_MAX, and OEKAKI_ANIM_DIR). Create the directory specified by OEKAKI_ANIM_DIR (defaults to "ani/").

Then rebuild caches in the management panel. If you want the viewer to work, you need to download PCHViewer.jar, res.zip, and tt.zip, and put them in the same directory as spainter_all.jar. You can get these files from the Shi Painter site in the viewer zip file.


The patch applies to vanilla Wakaba 3.0.8, and it works for me. But no guarantees on other versions, or with other patches applied, etc.

To upgrade between patch versions, undo the old patch (with, e.g. patch -p1 -R < previous_ver.patch), and then apply the new patch. Or, apply the "Diff against X" patch listed below.


Latest version: g5496c4cb - Tue Mar 22 23:22:22 2011 -0500:

Version ad0f4eab - Sat Mar 19 21:41:43 2011 -0500:

Known Issues

Archiving a post with an associated .pch file causes the .pch file to get deleted, and not archived. I'm not bothering changing this until someone actually wants it changed.


This was originally written on a lazy Saturday by u-## (feel free to ask me about any problems or whatever with trying to use this). Thanks to dark~doomer5quo for suggesting this functionality and for testing, and cho0b for being supportive of it.